Why the Internet is Going Offline

It used to be that the people you talked to online were totally anonymous. There was a time, and there still are places, where people communicate entirely under pseudonyms. Having conversations with your “online” friends was rarely interrupted by spending time with your “real” friends.

Enter social media.

Times are a’ changin’. No longer are we bound to communicating and sharing friendship within our local communities. Cities are losing their borders with their suburbs, countries are blurring their lines and people are interconnecting.

This is happening online as well as offline. Now we live in a culture when you can share a beer in a hangout with people from 4 different continents and then coffee in the morning with people from 3 others. Or, you could hangout with +will.i.am while he performs live in NYC to learn that one of the people doing the very same thing lives right in your neighborhood.

Location Isn’t Anything

It doesn’t matter where you live anymore. It’s changing the way people shop. It’s changing the way people communicate. The Internet is changing the way businesses seek talent.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn page yet, HR departments might not take a serious look at you. If you have a very niche hobby or talent, the Internet can put you in touch with people that share your interests better than you might find in your own small community.

The Internet is blurring borders and all of a sudden your “online” friends mean just as much to you as your “real” friends. Anyone that has attending SXSW will most likely tell you that they’ve made some of the best friendships in their lives in Austin, TX.

In Conclusion

So, as the digital cloud starts touching down on planet Earth we’re starting to live in what I call “The Fog” and that’s a great thing. I wanted to share with you probably the BEST piece of GMail I’ve ever received in my life and tell you that social networking, with a little time invested, can create some of the strongest bonds, friendships, conversations and opportunities. But, you have to put yourself out there, engage your audience, and most importantly, interact.

Happy Holidays, +Zach Eggert!

Nashville American Heart Association Heart Walk

This year a team of my co-workers and I will set out for a fundraiser for the Nashville chapter of the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization working to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, the Nation’s No.1 and No.3 killers, claim more than 865,000 American lives a year.

I challenge you to help me raise money to support this amazing organization and to volunteer to help the AHA in any way that you can. Your donation, no matter how small can make an amazing difference. This year I have set a very reasonable goal that I hope to achieve by the end of July. Your donation, even of $1, will help me reach this goal. So, if you’ve ever lost someone in your family to stroke or heart disease, or want to fund research that could help us find treatments for heart disease and possibly increase your longevity, then please consider being generous.

In order to make a donation of $25 or more (the smallest donation the American Heart Association can accept online) please visit my team sponsorship page. If you don’t feel that you have that much money to donate, or just want to make a small pledge, please send your funds via PayPal. All funds received via PayPal will be sent directly to the Nashville Chapter of the American Heart Association.

(For Donations $25 or Higher)

(For Donations Less than $25)

Once you have made your pledge, please send me a tweet or e-mail and I will be sure to thank you for your generosity on my blog and on Twitter. Please remember, your very small token of generosity can make a very large difference in a field that affects so many. Thank you for your time and your good will. Please share this link and donate a tweet if you can’t send any money!


Peter McDermott