Mission Positive Interview (Google+ Hangout On Air)

Peter G McDermott interviews Claire Allsop from Australia about her poject “Mission Positive” using Google+ Hangouts On Air.

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Roku 2 XD 1080p Unboxing, Review, Tutorial & Demo

Peter G McDermott unboxes, reviews, demonstrates and teaches you how to use the Roku 2 XD 1080p high definition (hi-def) set top box for your television. All you need is a TV, power source and Internet connection to get started.

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Saturdays: Unlocking Their Full Potential

There is no day in a week full of more potential than Saturday.

Whether you garden, paint, solve puzzles, write or tackle projects, Saturday offers an incredible opportunity to unlock your creativity and carry out all of your plans and ideas.

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How to Use Google+ Hangouts (A Beginners' Guide)

Yesterday I showed you how to access Google+, create an account, log in and navigate the interface. Today I have taken the time, as suggested by plenty of Google+ users like KOMU News Anchorwoman +Sarah Hill, to create a video showing users how to access and utilize the Google+ Hangout feature. Continue reading How to Use Google+ Hangouts (A Beginners' Guide)

Easy Steps to Help You Manage Your Overloaded Inbox

Need a Vacation Now That You’re Back from Vacation?

Now that you are getting settled back in t your office, there was probably a mountain of e-mail, voicemail or paper awaiting you when you walked in yesterday.

Customized Priority/Task Flags
Photo by Peter G McDermott

How is it going so far?

Coming back to the office after a vacation or the holidays can be a real shock to your system. It can easily feel like all of the benefits of your vacation have been negated by the amount of pressure on your shoulders from when you first walk in the door on your first day back.

Don’t let it. The whole point of your time off is to solidify your work-life balance. If you are spending 14 hours a day working (one way or another) and 8 hours sleeping, you’re only giving yourself 2 hours to relax.

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How to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Happen, For Real!

Each year we kid ourselves with these silly notions of losing 15 pounds, taking more walks, calling our parents (or children) more often or trying to learn a new language or hobby. At the end of the year, we’d be hard-pressed to remember what the heck it was we promised to ourselves to begin with!

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How to Conduct a Survey with Results

Any campaign usually has a call to action, whether it is to get a customer to purchase a product, to generate a lead or to engage your followers with social media. The toughest part of these campaigns is their purpose and that it to generate results.

Surely, if you spend even the smallest amount of time on the Internet, you are getting bombarded left and right being asked to “fill out a survey.” Businesses use these to gauge their performance and measure their progress as well as individual components of their products and services.

If there is information that you are interested in obtaining, you need to incentivize your participants. Hokey things like a free desktop background or a ring tone may have sounded good 7 years ago, but they are unlikely to drive results.

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Add the Official Google +1 Badge to Your Blog

If you are like me, you are always trying to find creative ways to drive more traffic to your website. One of those ways is through social media. Sure you have one of the 3,000 different social media tools for your blog that allow people to Tweet, Facebook, Digg and all of that, but do you have something as simple and elegant as the official Google +1 badge?

The badge is fairly simple to install, even if you have a custom theme on your WordPress or Blogger (or whatever CMS). There are very simple instructions from Google on how to install the badge, and once its there, all of your visitors will see the Google+ profile avatars of other friends that have +1ed a page.

Head to https://www.petergmcdermott.com/ to check it out. For instructions and the code, visit Google’s official +1 website here: http://www.google.com/intl/en/webmasters/+1/button/index.html