Saturdays: Unlocking Their Full Potential

There is no day in a week full of more potential than Saturday.

Whether you garden, paint, solve puzzles, write or tackle projects, Saturday offers an incredible opportunity to unlock your creativity and carry out all of your plans and ideas.

Hopefully you’ve taken a moment on Friday night to wash the week away. You can stow all of your stress and worries of work in your briefcase until Monday morning, when you need to worry about it again.

Have a blackberry or smartphone you’re required to carry? If someone needs you, they will call you. Set your notifications up so your incoming e-mail is unannounced. By now, you have learned that important matters warrant a phone call.

So there you are on Saturday morning. You are lying in your bed thinking, gee, I would really like to sleep in. Go ahead, get a couple of extra winks, hit the snooze button an extra time.Wake up rested and refreshed.

Once you’re up, do your normal morning rituals. This will get your energy going and give you the boost you will need to tackle your weekend project. If you normally have coffee during the week, make yourself a cup of coffee.

After you’ve gotten yourself together, get a list of everything you wish to accomplish an conduct an audit. What are you really going to be able to accomplish today?

Find a few short and easy tasks to complete and mark those off the list first. Fulfill your housekeeping obligations quickly and early so you won’t have them looming over your head.

Then, plot out a course.

If you’re trying to write a book, how many chapters can you feasibly complete today? If you set a realistic goal you will be much more likely to succeed.

Leave time for breaks.

Saturday is a great day to look out a window, go for a walk, call an old friend. Create a few interruptions for yourself to keep the creativity flowing.

Once you’ve accomplished the goals you’ve listed out in the morning you will realize that you have much more time remaining that you would have otherwise imagined. This is a great thing because now you can start tackling those other projects you never thought you would get around to.

Most importantly, make Saturdays count, afterall they were named after Saturn which was thought to control the first hour of the dayby Vettius Valens even before the 2nd century.

Is there anything you do to make your Saturdays count?

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