About Me

I’m always chasing my next big idea.

From an early age, I’ve always had a curiosity of how things worked. My favorite television stations are The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, HGTV and The Food Network. I’m a husband, a hotelier, a wanna-be chef, an electric vehicle owner and am always looking for my next adventure.

Over the last ten years, I have held a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry and have always taken the initiative to pursue my passions outside of the workplace. This has lead to a number of opportunities to teach, speak and share what I’ve learned about the digital landscape with people across the world.

My passion for creating and sharing digital stories is never satisfied. I’m an amateur photographer, an amateur filmmaker, an amateur blogger, an amateur chef and a terrible golfer.

I love food, I love craft cocktails and I love to travel but only wish I could afford to do it more often.

This site is a collection of my thoughts, stories and adventures and I hope you enjoy them.