Less is More

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I’m not a professional blogger.

I’m not a professional web designer.

I’m not even in the Information Technology or digital industry.

I’m a story teller and a teacher.

I like to learn things and share them with my audience.

The last several websites I have created were all done through a WordPress theme. I loved the simplicity but unlimited configurations that the platform offered. However, as an occasional blogger and not a professional web developer, I’m starting to think that it might be easier just to leave the back end, delivery and syndication to the folks at Google.

I have trusted them to help me grow my social media audience, so maybe it is time to give them a chance with my blog.

They seem to be doing things well and impressing me with their technology. To date I own two Android devices, a Chromebook and a Google TV set top box. I handle all of my personal e-mail through Gmail and exercise my social media efforts almost exclusively through Google+.

With the ability to directly tag my friends and colleagues (like +Tim McDonald who inspired this post), I find that Blogger is a truly simple and efficient tool for my needs.

Because of the simplicity and the emphasis on what is really important (what I have to write) I think I am going to give Blogger a try and see if I can’t get my readership higher here than on my WordPress blog.

What do you think? Have you switching blogging platforms before?

5 thoughts on “Less is More”

  1. I agree with you that less is more. I haven’t visited a Google blog since the integration with G+ but how good is it. It gives me the reader 7 different ways to view your blog entries and has the slide out G+ panel on the right.

  2. Hi Peter, I like blogger and if it gets a big makeover, great. It needs it! I am in the process of transferring a posterous blog over to blogger and, apart from a little g+ promo, it is pulling in far more traffic. I’m really pleased.

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