Google+ is Easy for Newcomers

Recently Mike Elgan wrote a post equating Google+ to New York City. Although I appreciate his point, I think a lot of people are traumatized by getting started in a new social network and might find Google+ to be overwhelming.

The truth is Google+ is geared around convenience which is why I think it is more like the suburbs.

Google+ SuburbsGoogle+: More Like Suburbs, Less Like New York City
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Let’s face it, the big city is really scary for a lot of people. There are a million things going on at once and it can all be totally foreign and totally overwhelming for some. There is no instruction manual on how to find a subway, pay for a fare and get where you are going. There isn’t a slow lane on the sidewalk for people that are new to the city. It is huge, full of hustle and bustle and can be a lot of fun.

The truth is, New York City isn’t for everyone. Most people like convenience and easy access to the things they love and use on a regular basis. For a lot of families and simpler people, living in the city just doesn’t make sense.

That’s why I equate Google+ to the suburbs. You can get a lot more bang for your buck, you can make friends with new and interesting people. You are just down the street from the places you love to visit and an adventure is always in your backyard.

Google+ offers users the ability to do so many different things. But, it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Because Google+ is integrated into so many of Google’s products (GMail, Calendar, YouTube, Docs), integrating different aspects of your Internet use into one social system is seamless.

Because Google+ manages your circles based on interests or relationships, you no longer need one account for personal life and another for business. With Google+ you can share your family photos and the latest slides for that new sales presentation, with only the right people.

The convenience of Google+ is the same that you would get in the suburbs. Everything is within reach, and it doesn’t take rocket science to get yourself settled and learn your way around. If you ever get lost or need help, there is always a neighbor that can help show you the way.

Don’t let Google+ scare you, it’s not a big city, just a really cool neighborhood.

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