What Makes Google+ Different

If you attended my session “Google+: Ghost Town or Game Changer” at+PodCamp Nashville yesterday, you were probably left with a few questions and the curiosity of what makes this space different than Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The problem with all of those social networks is that your connections are based upon who you are already connected with, which really limits the extent of your discovery of new content and creators.

One of the great things about +Google+ is that it opens you up to all types of different things, different people and different ideas from connections you wouldn’t have otherwise made in the real world or through traditional social networking.

If you’re a business or a content creator, this is a wonderful thing, because more and more people will be able to discover your products, services and content.

Now, that’s not to say that having a Google+ brand page is going to help your suburban ice cream shop shell out more cones every Wednesday night, but it might seriously help your consultancy or value-added reselling business attract new customers and key contacts.

There’s no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel when +M Sinclair Stevens did such a great job of writing this incredibly well thought-out post. So, check it out and you might see how Google+ is changing things for everyone.

I prefer to call Google+ a sharing network rather than a social network. A social network presupposes that an existing relationship must exist before one can share. “Sharing with friends” is very narrow worldview. In contrast, on a sharing network, relationships evolve as the result of your engagement; relationships are not the prerequisite for sharing.

Check out the full post on +M Sinclair Stevens’s page here. Also, my re-share and commentary is available on Google+ here.

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