The History of Touch Screens

Yesterday I shared a post highlighting what new display technology could look like. It’s amazing to consider how many LCD displays you have on your house, not to mention how many monochrome LED displays.

As digital display technology takes a bigger place in our homes and daily lives, touch screen technology is also starting to elbow its way into our daily routines. Right now, most people are limited to their smart phones and their tablet devices, but are we heading towards a world like that in Minority Report where every screen is a touch screen?

Before we get too far into the future, it’s important to take a look back in the past and understand the roots of touch screen technology. Did you know it all started with a keyboard synthesizer?

Today’s touch-screen devices seem like a thing of the future, but there’s a long history behind the technology that runs your iPad or Android. (You can learn more about the history of touch technology on innovator Bill Buxton’s website.)

Check out the cool interactive feature from NPR here that explains the history of touch screen technology.

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