How to Use Google Plus for Your Brand

Google Plus for your Business
What is Google+?

Last night I was asked to speak at Ross Jones‘ IMD405 Internet Marketing class at The Art Institute of Nashville. Ross and I met at the SpeakerUp meeting for the 2012 Podcamp Nashville as we are both interested in speaking this year about our perspective niches.

Ross is a SEO expert and has been doing it for longer than most people knew what Search Engine Optimization was. Ross owns a business called 2 the Top Design where he helps businesses get their website optimized for search engines and in turn, getting them more leads.

The class Ross is teaching focuses on several different aspects of Internet marketing including search engine optimization through effective website design, link sharing, social media and blogging. Last night I had the opportunity to talk to his students about Google+ and what it means for businesses.

Here’s the slide deck I shared with his class, feel free to share it with your students, business partners or friends using the social media sharing options below. If you have questions about how to more effectively utilize Google+ for your business, feel free to ask me in the comments below and circle me on Google+ by clicking here!

3 thoughts on “How to Use Google Plus for Your Brand”

    1. Dave, I’m sure the class would have found your presentation much more engaging! I do look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

      I imagine based on the busy travel schedule that your new solo status is treating you well?

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