A Few Videos and Films about ‘Home’

In anticipation of building our first home, I’ve been quite interested in some of others’ interpretations of what home means. To me, moving pictures mixed with the right sound always seem to have the ability to move me. One day, while watching HGTV, a commercial for Home Goods came on that made me smile.

I later learned that the soundtrack was “Home” by Dan Croll and since then, I haven’t been able to shake the tune from my head or my playlist.

The pleasure I get from watching these old television clips and hearing the wall of sound brought me to search for other stories of home. I found a few while enjoying a cup of coffee this morning and I hope you’ll find to enjoy them too.

This is My Home is a film I found on Vimeo that reminded me a lot of the sense of curiosity I had when exploring my grandparents house. While we, as a society, may be trending towards valuing experiences and minimalism, I think it is important that we keep a space for these artifacts of our past as they have the ability to help us enjoy memories and have a window into our past. I’m not sure if this gentleman is still around, but if he is, I would love to go and see his home in Manhattan.

Continuing on the theme of curiosity, I found another home that reflected another one of my passions: airplanes. Here’s a man that decided to make a retired passenger aircraft his home. In the middle of the woods.

Now, here’s another. The home itself isn’t particularly remarkable. Maybe curious to some by its small size, but what is remarkable to me is the number of people that found this so interesting. Why would over 90,000 people want to watch a man put together his home in a time lapse video? Are we looking to learn the most efficient way to unpack and set things up, or are we all just curious what home means and looks like to others?

What does home mean to you?

One thought on “A Few Videos and Films about ‘Home’”

  1. Certainly, over the past several years I have been considering to live in a tiny home. [100-400 square feet] Each move I make, the house gets smaller, and smaller in square footage, but I seem to enlarge the garden space. I assume if I’m gunna stay in real estate, at least keep a sizable tangible property in a metropolis area.

    I do however have a hook into me, attached to stuff. I’m slowly working out the barb, so that there is no attachment to stuff; that will ultimately make the transition effortless. IMO

    Looking back over the years, the one thing that ties all my living environments together as home, would be ‘under construction.’ Since October, this has been the first time living in a house, not under construction. I packed up the tools and said: “It is finished.”

    I can honestly say an empty house is OK. Not ideal in anyway, but still it has a “Home” feel. That ownership of a small space in this vast Universe.

    At the end of the day, it is very limiting. I have to return, I’m forced to endure the climate of this territory, over, and over, and over… I have a different type of hook: anchoring me to _this_ house. (Thankfully it can be used as a source of income, if the landlord life seems profitable.) Then again, without a homebase, life is vulnerable, and unsecure.

    To sum it up, Home is for familiarity.

    (I was considering the high view count of the guy unpacking his home, and it is perhaps an indicator of social media influence; or it was in an article, and as the passage was being “scrolled” the video could get ‘accidental’ clicks. OR bots did some, or other types of spam accounts. I generally ignore the ‘numbers game.’)

    Enjoy your “Home.”

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