How Google+ Is Different From Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Once You Get It. You Get It.

+Google+ is quickly gaining adoption and finding itself integrated in all corners of the web from +Sarah Hill‘s work on +KOMU 8 News‘ interactive live format featuring Hangouts, to +HuffPost Live‘s adoption of hangouts and audience participation.

Unlike the three other major social networks, Google+ works a little differently. Of course you can use Google+ to connect with your friends, colleagues and family, but there is so much more you can gain from it.

LinkedIn limits you to the people you know, the people you’ve worked with and the people you’ve done business with. Getting in touch with someone you don’tknow, can be anything but pleasurable.

Facebook started as a network for college students to connect with each other. Then, it expanded. In no certain direction.

Twitter works like a CB or HAM radio. It’s great to talk about things that are happening right now, but loses its relevancy within minutes or hours. Having your tribe follow your every tweet is virtually impossible. Your message is only heard by those listening at the moment you broadcast.

Google+ is different. It’s centered around search, so things can happen live, and conversations can develop over time. You’re not limited to people you know, and there’s nothing awkward about leaving your first comment.

Google+ is becoming integrated into all parts of the web. From hangouts to YouTube, blogs, e-mail and more, Google+ offers you the ability to connect with your circles no matter what you’re doing.

Because Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have established themselves over the years, some find it hard to understand what Google+ aims to accomplish. It’s not here to trump Facebook, push out Twitter or overshadow LinkedIn, it’s just here to offer people a new and more convenient way to discover and connect.

The truth of the matter, though, is that once you get it…you get it.

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