How to Create Engaging Content

Recently I spoke with +Derek Ross about some of his posts about #Android and why they weren’t getting the type of interaction he was looking for. +Derek is an original content creator and a great resource for all things related to #Android.

After taking a look at some of his posts at the time, I noticed that a lot of things he was posting were unembellished hyperlinks–simply a link to a website and the default snippet without any sort of summary or call to action.

I asked +Derek to check out how +Mike Elgan was doing his posts and asked him to try embellishing and perhaps uploading a picture instead of just attaching a hyperlink. Lastly, I encouraged Derek to ask his audience a question or give them a call to action.

After his next few posts it appeared that his engagement picked up. So by embellishing with your own style and summarizing the link you are sharing you are giving your audience a look into yourperspective—which is why they followed you to begin with! Secondly, by making a call to action, you are inviting your users to engage.

Anyone can go into an RSS reader and blindly share links, but the value is usually in the commentary. Think about your favorite news talk program. If you wanted to hear the headlines, you would just pick up the paper or view the AP feed. But, instead of just telling you the news—something you can do on your own—the people on your favorite program talk about the news.

Is there anything that you do to engage your readers? Do you like creating polls, asking people for feedback? What do you do to engage your readers?

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