How to use Hangouts to Promote Your Brand

NFL Safety Chris Harris using Hangouts On Air
NFL Safety Chris Harris using Hangouts On Air

The playoff season in American football is a great time for sports fans. The number of teams left in competition has been whittled down and fans must choose another team to advance. Since there are left teams left in the mix, there is more common conversation to be had amongst co-workers and friends.

A safety from one of the teams that didn’t make it this year, Chris Harris, of the Detroit Lions, decided to use his downtime as an opportunity to engage his followers and help create a positive image for his brand.

You wouldn’t necessarily think of professional football players as early-adopters for social media brand management, but Chris Harris has a great reason to use social media to improve his image, he’s a free agent.

Earlier this week, Chris Harris advertised that he would be holding a live Hangout On Air for both the AFC and NFC Championship games. He promoted his live event through social media and his website,

Users that interacted with his blog post were circled on Google+ and given an invitation to the hangout during which he and the participants discussed the game while they were watching it independently on television. (Streaming the game feed into the hangout would have been a copyright violation.)

The response to Chris’ campaign was incredible. All of those that were following Chris and interacting with him on both his website and social media were rewarded with the opportunity to speak with him during both of the games and to discuss his career and what is like to be standing on the sideline and playing in an NFL football game.

What Chris did with the planning of his hangout, the promotion of his hangout and rewarding the users already following him on his website and social media was a great example of how to promote and execute a successful social campaign with Google+ hangouts.

Through his actions he proved to prospective employers (football teams) that he can be a great public figure for their organization.

Do you have an idea for a Google+ hangout on air? Do you need help executing it? Let me know in the comments. There is a team of volunteers in the Google+ community waiting to show you the ropes and help you turn your idea into a campaign and get it off the ground.

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  1. I have an Ideal for a hangout and I would love some help getting it executed. I am so happy I read your post I didn’t know There is a team of volunteers in the Google+ community that can help with something like this. I have searching all over the internet for some material, and the only reason I found this blog was because I went to my first Google hangout today.

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