Does Your Google+ Influence Count in Klout?

While checking on my Klout account today, I noticed something surprising. My Google+ influence has dropped to 9.65% of my total score, splitting the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

Clearly, with over 57,000 followers on Google+, less than 500 on Twitter and less than 400 on Facebook, the numbers just don’t add up. Also consider the fact that 90% of my content and interaction takes place on Google+, why the sudden change in the score make up? Continue reading Does Your Google+ Influence Count in Klout?

Does Your Digital Influence Really Matter?

The importance and relevance of sites that track your Internet-social influence, like Klout, have been heavily debated. Clearly, the more your content is re-tweeted, reshared or re-blogged, the more exposure Internet users will have. But, does having a high digital clout “score” help you in the real world?

Thousands of brands rely on Internet-based social networking as part of their overall marketing strategy. They try to create original, engaging and compelling content that will trigger an emotional response to either make you share their content with others or to get you thinking more about their products and services. Continue reading Does Your Digital Influence Really Matter?