How to Use Craigslist Better with GMail and Google Voice

So, tonight I was on a quest to liquidate some furniture from my house. It’s mostly inexpensive stuff from +IKEA that I have accumulated over the years and will no longer have room for in my new apartment.

In order to quickly get rid of it, I decided to post it on Craigslist for FREE! Yes, that magic four-letter word. But, I wouldn’t dare do that without a strategy.

I posted several things simultaneously on Craigslist, the furniture I wanted to give away as well as several items I wanted some cash for. I created a template for an e-mail linking to the other items I had for sale. On the free listing, I included my Google voice number (which I have tied to my +Android. Within minutes, I had dozens of phone calls, texts and e-mails.

I awarded the furniture to the first to inquire and agree to visit, but I also quickly replied to everyone else with instructions on how to find the other items I had for sale. With this approach, I am able to keep track of contact info of who called, in what order and also efficiently reply while marketing my other items for sale. It was literally a win/win/win situation.

It is amazing how +Google products can help with the simplest of things…

Use Google Voice and GMail to Make Selling Craigslist Easier
Use Google Voice and GMail to Make Selling Craigslist Easier


  1. Sharon says

    Well, I was one of those who responded to your Craigslis ad and decided to read your bloI’m glad I did. You really are rather brilliant Peter…….perhaps a millionaire in the making. I won’t claim to understand everything I’m reading in your posts but certainly you have piqued my interest as I’m a gadget girl but also have a need to make a part-time income working from home. So, if you have any leads on “legitimate” opportunties, please contact me (and thanks to Google+ you can do it quickly and effectively). Thanks for the midnight snack of info galore 😀

  2. Belinda Blok says

    Thanks Peter! Coincidentally, I’m moving this weekend and since it’s a downsize, need to get rid of washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc. Could have used more details on how-to (I can be dense sometimes), but I’ll go give it a try! :)

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