10 Reasons Why You Need to Attend PodCamp


So what exactly is PodCamp anyway? If you’re a geek like me, you’re always trying to find out what’s hot and seeking opportunities to network with people that share the same interests as you. If your job involves social media, podcasting, blogging or any other sort of “new media,” PodCamp is something you should definitely […]

You’re Doing It Wrong and That’s Okay

Different Colored Trees - Image Credit Mike Pennington used under Creative Commons Licence.

Being different is something that doesn’t come easy to many. Stepping outside of social norms and doing things unexpected creates a very uncomfortable feeling for most people. Ironically, when you step outside of what people consider “normal” you start to get noticed. Last night I shared a post on a social network about why I […]

What If Google+ Ended Tomorrow?

Google HIRL in New York City Photo by Daria Musk

Have you gotten anything out of it? Google has hosted the world’s greatest cocktail party. They have invited people from all of the world, of all sorts of different disciplines. From astronomy with +Fraser Cain, to technology startups with +Robert Scoble, and even journalists doing amazing things from Small Town, USA like +Sarah Hill. Through all of this, […]

How to Make It Work: Getting Published

This week I interviewed +Evo Terra about books. This morning I hosted a +G+ On Air hangout with publishing expert +Evo Terra and discussed tips on how to become successful at publishing your own book. During the podcast we talked about different publishing services and Evo’s two start-ups. Watch the video below to learn more and make sure you subscribe to […]

Never Judge a Man by His Vocation

Garbage Man Learns Irish Language When you think of your garbage man, you probably wouldn’t think of someone that studies foreign languages in their spare time. That’s because we profile people and come up with our own stereotypes. It’s sad, but we all do it. Here’s a great story of NYC Sanitation Worker Ed Shevlin […]

Embracing Failure: Why Learning How to Fail Will Help You Succeed

Old Flying Machine

One of the biggest things I have learned over the past few months is how important it is to fail. You can read about it from so many prominent authors, and hear about it from so many successfully people, but it won’t start to make sense until you start to embrace your failures.