Back to School


Over the holidays, after a serious discussion with my wife, I decided it was time to go back to school. After finishing high school, I went to The University of Tennessee at Knoxville to study Journalism and Electronic Media. At the time, there were so many things going on with our economy, the Internet and […]

Flying My First Drone


For my 30th birthday, my parents decided to tap into the joy of childhood by purchasing me something that has been nothing but pure fun: my first drone. This Chinese quadcopter packs a ton of technology into an incredibly small package at an alarmingly reasonable price. This Hubsan x4 Quadcopter includes a 480p digital video […]

Vic Gundotra Visits Dallas to Talk Google+

Peter McDermott, Vic Gundotra, Mark Neace

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a couple of direct messages through the Hangouts app on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I’ve been running Cyanogen Mod 11 for a while and absolutely love the pure Android experience, despite the few programming bugs. It’s amazing that software enables you to get so much out of hardware that already […]



Sometimes we need to change our perspective. Sometimes we need to do things differently. Sometimes we just need a little bit of change. Change gives us new opportunities. Change brings us challenges. Change teaches us to be nimble. Change makes us stronger. Change makes us better. Change makes us grow. Change can paint a new […]

Who Gave You Permission to Do That?

Daria Musk at The Listening Room by Peter McDermott

We live in a world that is bound by rules. We all stop at red lights, we all throw away the milk by its expiration date and we all pay our taxes before the middle of April each year. When we break these rules, we are likely to suffer consequences. Run the red light? You […]